YouTube App for Live Video and Audio Plus HD Streaming

The YouTube app has become one of the most popular resource for a cellphone and whether you got an android or windows phone, chances are, you might want to watch live video or streaming in HD or just simply listen to good music uploaded in the most popular video streaming website in the world - YouTube. If this is just what you want and need, then you've got an application just for this.

Different apps developers and programmers have made available the said app through Google Play via different versions released for the YouTube application.

At the Google Developers corner website, you can also find version 3 of YouTube live streaming API. With this one, you can "create, update, and manage live events on YouTube".

Source of API info Below:

The API uses these core concepts:

  • A broadcast represents an event that can be watched on YouTube as it happens. Broadcasts can also be recorded and saved as YouTube videos so that users can watch them after they happen.
  • A stream identifies the audio-video content that is being communicated to YouTube. Each broadcast is associated with one video stream.
  • A cuepoint represents an ad break that can be inserted into a live broadcast.

The list below suggests several ways to use the API in your application:

  • Schedule broadcasts and define broadcast settings. Your application could enable users to predefine broadcast settings and then select the settings to apply to a particular broadcast.
  • Associate video streams and broadcasts.
  • Enable broadcasters to define information about a broadcast and its video (using the YouTube Data API) at the same time.
  • Simplify transitions between broadcast states (testing, live, etc.) and enable users to insert cuepoints.

You can also use Google's API client libraries to implement the Live Streaming API.

Watch Live Stream Video in Your iPhone and Apple Gadgets - Download YouTube App

You can download the application or go find HD capable or live streaming capable You Tube app for your Apple gadget (iPhone / iPod / iPad) using the YStream here - Watch how API works in the video below.

BlackBerry Android and iPhone Live Video Streaming App - Qik

For those looking to watch live streaming video or listen to music using their blackberry android phone, you can download the Qik Live Video Streaming application here using the cellphone browser. Softonic had their own copy / version of the application in their website but I'm afraid you will have to visit there personally to download it.

I do not recommend getting it elsewhere for a blackberry gadget but in the official download center for the phone at BlackBerry World. Qik on iPhone is also now available for download for those who are comfortable using the application for android phone. Watch the app in action below for BlackBerry and iPhone.

Watch Qik app for video live streaming on iPhone below so you know what to expect when you download the application for your Apple gadget and use it to broadcast video via live stream to and from anywhere in the world.

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