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Viber Free Call App

Make free call to/from anywhere in the world easily with Viber app for android mobile phone. Yes you can definitely do it using your android cell phone and what's good with this application is that you can call, send or receive SMS (text) to anybody from anywhere in the world using your cellular phone. (See our list of countries where you can download and use the android application below)

Take it from me because it is what I have right now in my LG Optimus android. Need to know more and how to make that first free call overseas? Visit the official Viber website or download it from Google Play Market app store online.

Phone Requirements and How To Use Viber App

One of the major providers of free smartphone apps for calling and texting websites that allow you to communicate at absolutely no charge is Viber app. As i've revealed above, I am currently using it on my LG android and enjoying free call to Japan where my aunt is. The family is using it to call there on weekends or whenever there is an emergency with new earthquakes to ease worrying it costs free compared to other choices for free international call like that of magic jack.

Today, a fast rising download in the Blackberry appworld is the kakaotalk. You can try the free download of the .exe (executable) file of this Korean-developed application for your mobile to start using it and know if it works. Latest update says it that Viber can now be used in your personal computer too to make a call, send text messages, voice and video messages, photo messages and share your location to and from anywhere in the world.

See list of OS and iOS plus providers below. The company doesn't even require you to sign up for an account, register and use any alias or fake emails to use the application. Just remember that any use will consume your data plan.

  • desktop
  • windows 8
  • iOS
  • android
  • windows phone
  • blackberry
  • bada
  • nokia

This is the reason why I wanted to reveal how to use Viber on your cellphone. I am hoping this will help many people around the world to understand how valuable this application is if you travel anywhere around the world to other countries and you want to make free phone calls otherwise, you can go for the magic jack pc to phone call online using your computer and a plug it gadget where you will need a country code and phone number to dial which is some sort of a free phone service.

Mobile Specification Requirements:

1. First, know which OS or operating system your gadget uses. With this issue, you can choose from Windows, Mac, iOs, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada.

2. Get the download file here - Or get the Google Play version here -

3. Download and install or unpack the executable file in your gadget.

4. At this point, you will need to have either a 3G or wifi internet as well as the other party you are going to call. The other end also had to have viber app installed in his or her mobile phone to receive your picture message, text, chat or call.

5. You are now ready to make a call or text for free. Easy as pie!

Common Troubles, Causes and Requirement Issues for Free Viber Call

One of the best business apps for your cellphone, this application is definitely worth the try.

Although some countries have been experiencing inability to use the app, most would find online solution to this problem.

Most common problem according to reports and complaint for trouble is not functioning when you make a call. Very few would realize though that the solution is that the other party does not have the smartphone app installed in their mobile gadget. Try it.

1. Both calling end and receiving end must have viber application installed in their mobile phone.

2. An internet is a must - wifi or 3G signal

Please note that Viber works for any device, any network and any country unless your country has some sort of blocked sites like that of China which according to a friend had Facebook blocked in their internet.

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