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I've featured my own list of iPad best free apps. Now I have my list of top iPhone apps this 2014 so you can do your own audit which among is still largely used by people with their gadgets and mobile phones including the latest generation iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple gadgets with iOs7 and later versions of android operating system.

Using Ubuntu to Make Top iPhone Apps? - Here is a Short Take

In the meantime, since Ubuntu is gaining a fast growing community of users and followers, we'd like to feature below here in our list the top Ubuntu apps choices in 2014 too and onwards 2015. You can read this forum for more details, guide and tips in Ubuntu Linux.

If in my own opinion, it's would be best to believe in your own needs if we are talking about what top applications are this year. Each of us have different and unique needs and functions in this world, therefore, I would like to believe in the fact that there really is no top iPhone apps except for those that will serve our personal purpose.

On the other hand, if we talk about what people are using and downloading at the Apple Apps Store, then and only then is the time we can all say that the most downloaded is indeed the top iPhone app back last year 2013 and this year would be a different story. If we consult on the Google Play Store, there is also a different list. Reviews here play a big role in determining which is the most popular apart from which is the most downloaded.

Take a Peek at Clare Hopping and Mark Mayne's List of Top Apps for iPhone

Mark Mayne had his well crafted and popular list here while Clare Hopping had her own version of list here. When we talk of top iPhone games applications, you can see this link. They've featured a pretty useful big archive in there that I'm pretty sure you will want to make a start with while finding your own.

Our own list can be found if you click here. It's a growing and developing list and we will continue to update that list as years pass. As of update of this page, it's already January 2015 and new lists have gone out so go find yours now or leave a note for us to take a review of your application for iPhone and other iOS mobile gadgets. If you get our suggestion, we have a list below as everything has changed this year but this list is absolutely influenced by last year's result of most downloaded and most profitable in all list of paid applications in the world as uploaded in the apps market center.

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