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This is our smartphone apps gallery. Expect to find links and resources for your windows and android gadget and get to download free cell phone apps or read compelling reviews online. Get your beta apps testing done with free version download of your favorite cool app.

Here is also where you can buy some of the cool and themed apps like those featured and licensed Disney cell phone accessories at prestigious Apple app stores and app world for blackberry mobile phone. If you have an Apple gadget, we will cover them all here from iPhone, iPod, iPad, tablet and more.

To remind you, we have just released our 2014 marketplace top apps list and review. If you have time, please check our list. It where you can find valuable download links to some of the most used and abused applications in new year for accounting and business, customer relationship management, appointment scheduling and more. We will add up more as we go along. In the meantime, it highly recommended that you go visit the Google Play store for a more comprehensive review and description of a top application you are searching for.

Smartphone Application Developers Corner

For developers and business looking for service of apps development, you can hire people after searching for information where you can find a free development environment being offered by big G using the Google apps script.

Be sure to opt in for a free account sign up by visiting this page. There are guides inside that website to help you or your developer.

This way, you can make the most out of the free apps development environment for later uploading into the marketplace and make it available for download by registered and unregistered users alike. Many businesses have their own applications developed for customers and usability management.

It is where the actual process of development takes place in a cloud environment wherein after the process, you have the option to make your application available for download via an upload option for users to take advantage of a beta testing mode.

There are lots of app developers there offering the free use of their android applications so you might want to take advantage on that.

Top Smartphone Apps to Download

Our gallery below includes one for social networking use, photo sharing in instagram, free call using viber and a top games app - plants vs zombies.

We will be featuring other categories for download soon. In the meantime, you might want to check our business apps for smartphone which you can take anywhere you go on corporate affairs such as meetings and conferences.

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