Samsung GalaxyS3 Unlock App - Procedure Bootloader - Verizon - Prevent Warranty Void

Download the Samsung GalaxyS3 unlock app from Google Play Android App Store because you are going to need it if you want customization to further the functionality of your Verizon phone. It is one of the most important steps you have to do apart from having your codes and settings implemented for extra functionality. But remember that on your way to do so, it is important to prevent your warranty from getting null and void and be 100% successful so carefully follow instructions. It is strongly suggested that you make your own research first for additional knowledge and knowhow thereby increasing your chance of success. Use the app for unlocking which you can download for free rom Google Play app store for android.

Verizon model series of Samsung GalaxyS3 unlock app for i535 on the other hand comes with locked Bootloader. You have to open this up to be able to harness the benefits of maximizing the full potential and capabilities of your Verizon phone. To do it, you have to follow a few steps below.

In this case, this tutorial which I also got online (and I will be sharing it here) will guide you how to unlock the Boot loader to get some extra benefits made available for your smartphone mobile device utilized.

Please do note that as an extra precaution, if you do not know how to do it step by step, then I would like to suggest that you go for a professional help to avoid any further mischief or damage to your phone and its warranty seal. This is because by unlocking the device, you might accidentally void the warranty and worse case scenario, you might sometimes be bricking the phone. Again, this article is for information purposes only. Use it at your own risk and don't blame me or the people from which this short guide on how to jailbreak your gadget using the Samsung GalaxyS3 unlock app i535 by Verizon.

On the other hand, if you follow the instructions carefully and make your own research online for additional information, you can avoid or prevent bricking of your phone and getting your warranty void. Following these basic procedures for unlocking may also enable you to re-lock the boot loader to it's original condition, hence get the original warranty seal back again.

This system and software is a creation of one of XDA forum member, his name is AdamOutler. He created a really easy to use and simple application called VZWGS3 EZ-Unlock (Boot loader). This software/application will play a big role in helping mobile users and tech geeks out there like me and you to unlock the boot loader with just a few easy steps.


Always perform a backup of your mobile phone system files, programs, apps and all possible content you don't want to be lost somewhere along the process of your Samsung Galaxy S3 unlock app procedures. Expect that the risks are definitely high so be patient in implementing these steps by step process. Furthermore, let us remind you that the consequences of your action to choose to use the information contained on this article or this website is absolutely 100% at your own risk. When in doubt... DON'T DO IT!!! Ask for professional help.


  • The Samsung GalaxyS3 unlock app will only work on Verizon i535 model.
  • Do not use this app on other Verizon galaxy variants.
  • Backup the data, apps, SMS, contacts and call log
  • Disable antivirus in the mobile
  • Charge the battery first to more than 70% full or best if full charged
  • Change setting on your device by going to "Settings" >--> "Security" >--> click the "Unknown sources" option.

Before starting this tutorial, make sure that the device must be rooted in order to use bootloader app. Follow the tutorial carefully to Root Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 I535.

Step by Step Unlocking Process:

  1. Download the VZWGS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader) directly from Google Play (no longer available, go to the link listed above). This is the Samsung GalaxyS3 Unlock App.
  2. Install and launch the application in your device
  3. Click on "Unlock" option and the process will begin
  4. The process will take about 2 or 3 minutes, wait until finished.You can see the unlocked notification with green color. This will indicate that the process is done.

Re-Locking Samsung i535 for Warranty:

If you want to re-lock the boot loader, you can click the "Lock" option and it will automatically go to locked state.

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