Samsung Cell Phone Repair Tips and Common Troubles

List of common troubles/problems people encounter - Samsung cell phone repair tips and how to apply do it yourself troubleshooting to your mobile phone. Read resources, frequently asked questions and the most common problems you might encounter with this brand of mobile phone.

Here is a list of common troubles/problems people encounter - Samsung cell phone repair tips and how to apply do it yourself troubleshooting to your mobile phone. Read resources, frequently asked questions and the most common problems you might encounter with this brand of mobile phone.

Please note that not all repair tips and procedures will include the same repair steps with android and windows smartphone, however, I will cover as much about the topic as I could.

Rebooting or resetting a mobile phone on the other hand can repair or fix many problems most of the time regardless of what brand, model series or type of cell phone you have.

You'll find other links to other brand troubleshooting guides, manuals, (other mobile than Samsung cell phone repair) ebook and user guide in our Repair Tools Software Troubles page.

Samsung Cell Phone Repair Procedures: How to Reset Samsung Mobile Phone


  • What are the exact indications in knowing that your Samsung cell phone needs to be reset either to its default state or original factory setting?
  • How do you know when to reset it and what procedures are needed to be undertaken to do it yourself?
  • What are the common troubles that resetting can fix or solve?

Below are a few precautions and common steps on how to reset Samsung mobile phone. Please note that this does not apply to all model types or series.

To know basic troubleshooting basics, you can either go to Samsung Support page or get the service manual. Each electronic device has it and chances are, there files and information, sometimes ebook featuring them. Some are free and some you can buy online. Today, I am offering you a bunch of actual experience by cell phone technicians and repair geeks in fixing common Samsung cell phone repair troubles.

1. Before you reset or restore your GSM, android (or windows) Samsung mobile phone, your first step is, if you don't want to loose your precious files in your cellular phone is to back up all your files. This includes your contacts list, photos, videos, documents, music files and so on.

You need to do a back up because if you reset your phone to factory settings, all data will be lost in the process. To avoid it, make a back up. This is always a first step in troubleshooting any mobile phone.

2. After doing a back up of all your files, turn off your Samsung mobile phone and get ready to do the repair by SIM card resetting.

3. By this time, you are now ready to remove the SIM Card from your mobile phone. Do it now and return it afterwards.

4. Reboot your phone or turn it on again. See if the listed common Samsung cell phone repair troubles below that you encounter had been solved or fixed by actually performing common check up such as sending txt, calling a friend and so on. If your problem was not solved, proceed to the 5th step below.

5. Type the following password: *2767*3855# - Upon reboot or power up if your trouble is that you cannot remember your old secret password. This step will restore the Original Factory Setting of your Samsung Mobile Phone, meaning, all data is now ready to be lost which is the reason why you need to do a back up as listed above in the 1st procedure or resetting your android or windows Samsung phone. If this doesn't do it, there is still another step you can follow as a do-it-yourself - "custom reboot".

6. In order to do a custom reboot on your Samsung mobile phone, type the following password: *2767*2878#. A photo of the Samsung Galaxy hard reset is found below.

Common Troubles You Can Solve/Fix by Resetting a Mobile Phone

In case you did not know it yet, restoring your cell phone to its original factory setting solves several problems. Some of them you may not even know until you experience it yourself. Also, one of the most common troubleshooting solution may involve the most basic step which is to reset your phone via power off and on.

I have listed quite a few defects solved below which I took from a friend in the cell phone repair shop/store in the Philippines.

Please note that this step may or may not solve what trouble you have on your phone. 

Furthermore, what we have here is not a universal troubleshooting procedure but is actually a good first step which you can do for free and may find to surprisingly solve many unknown problems in many cell phone brands. I have encountered it myself so I know.

  1. Locked mobile phone (no functions can be done or undertaken) (no response by any keypad or controls)
  2. Forgotten personal secret code/password
  3. Hanging problems
  4. Slow booting sequence when opening your cell phone
  5. Cannot make a call (error outgoing calls)
  6. Cannot type any character from keypad
  7. Cannot send SMS or text message
  8. When playing video, music files, slow response or hanging problem is encountered somewhere in the middle
  9. Photos won't load up on the screen
  10. Resetting and back up of files
  11. Network problems
  12. Hearing or speaker / receiver problem
  13. SIM card not detected
  14. Touch screen response problem
  15. How to remove or replace SIM card
  16. How to add / remove / insert new memory card

If you can't fix your windows or android mobile gadget using the list of procedures and Samsung cell phone repair tips I have listed here, you still have a choice if you don't want a cell phone technician to touch your precious phone, go to Samsung cell phone repair support.

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