Cell Phone Provider Reviews - How is their Service?

Read our cell phone provider reviews and know the different factories and makers of your cell phones. Compare prices offered online or visit and see our prepaid cell phone plans reviews. Be aware about mobile phone related services, providers and brands, especially those who want to know the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy series packages available. If you are looking for promo and discounts, better consult with a trusted comparison website in your nearest area. You can do this by geographical settings search in Google.

Do note however that some developers of mobile phone don't provide their own SIM cards but many of these providers do have both the line or post paid service plan as well as the pre-paid plan offer like the 2 big companies in the Asia, particularly in the Philippines namely - Smart Communications and Globe Telecoms. Today, the small players like Sun Cellular have gotten eaten out and was already acquired by Smart making the service free call to and from any of the 2 mobile phone service providers (Smart to Sun) and vice versa.

Cell Phone Makers and Service Providers List - Provider Reviews

Different providers for your cellphone and mobile services of all sorts deserve to be on the hotspot by putting them on the hotlist of categorization from the best offers to the worst.

This could come from both prepaid and postpaid accounts that users occupy in the mobile computing world. Whether you have an Apple, Windows, Blackberry or Android phone or whatever OS (operating system) your mobile gadget has, it all boils down to one - who wins the heart of the users and subscribers.

So here is our all out rebel for providing you a comprehensive research using online resources regarding the services, promos, offers, and packages being given away to patrons and subscribers of mobile carriers all over the world.

Mobile Phone Developers List A

  • Acer phones
  • Amazon phones
  • Apple phones
  • AT&T phones
  • BenQ phones
  • Bird phones
  • BLU phones
  • Casio phones
  • Chea phones
  • Cherry Mobile
  • Ericsson phones
  • Fujitsu Siemens phones
  • Gigabyte phones
  • Globe Telecoms
  • HP phones
  • Huawei phones
  • i-mobile phones
  • Innostream phones
  • Karbonn phones
  • Lenovo phones
  • Maxon phones
  • Micromax phones
  • Mitac phones
  • Modu phones
  • MWg phones
  • Neonode phones
  • Nokia phones
  • Oppo phones
  • Palm phones
  • Pantech phones
  • ZTE phones

Mobile Phone Developers List B

  • Alcatel phones
  • Amoi phones
  • Asus phones
  • Benefon phones
  • BenQ-Siemens phones
  • BlackBerry phones
  • Bosch phones
  • Celkon phones
  • Dell phones
  • Eten phones
  • Garmin-Asus phones
  • Haier phones
  • HTC phones
  • i-mate phones
  • Icemobile phones
  • iNQ phones
  • Kyocera phones
  • LG phones
  • Meizu phones
  • Microsoft phones
  • Mitsubishi phones
  • Motorola phones
  • NEC phones
  • NIU phones
  • O2 phones
  • Orange phones
  • Panasonic phones
  • Parla phones
  • O+ Phones
  • Firefly

Mobile Phone Developers List C

  • Plum phones
  • Sagem phones
  • Sendo phones
  • Sharp phones
  • Smart Communications
  • Sonim phones
  • Sony Ericsson phones
  • T-Mobile phones
  • Telit phones
  • Toshiba phones
  • Unnecto Phones
  • verykool phones
  • Vodafone phones
  • XCute    XCute phones
  • Yezz phones
  • Philips phones
  • Qtek phones
  • Samsung phones
  • Sewon phones
  • Siemens phones
  • Sony phones
  • Spice phones
  • Tel.Me. phones
  • Thuraya phones
  • Vertu phones
  • VK Mobile phones
  • WND phones
  • Xiaomi phones
  • CDR King

Put your Short Provider Reviews and Comments - Let Your Voice Be Heard

If you don't have any of your country provider here, please do use our comment box section below to post and we will gladly update this page for you and your geographical area. Take in to account that this page will always welcome changes and is subject to change without prior notice in the future.

We'd also appreciate it if you can make a short review of your mobile phone service provider locality-wise so we may be able to help your citizens know which one to avail of a service in the near future. We hate scammers too so let the world know if you have any problems with your network provider to alarm and notify others who are on their way to buy an android phone and get a service from local telecoms provider. You are always welcome to visit our other pages for downloading your first free android application to use on a daily basis of mobile gadget operation. For paid apps, you may check on a particular provider - iTunes for Apple devices / Blackberry Appworld for Blackberry phones and Google Play store and marketplace for any type of android cellphone. Rest assured that more provider reviews will be put here as years pass for updates.

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