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"Mobile Spy Apps Software Review - Helping You Choose Which Will Fit your Cell Phone"

While some android mobile spy apps software developer companies claim they have the world’s most advanced cell phone, computer, iPhone monitoring system, others vie to top the list of providers and stores selling cheaper cost applications that you can use to track your partner (spouse), your kid, employees or anybody you want to spy on and put under surveillance without them knowing.

Choices are actually abound online if you want to buy one but the question is which is the most efficient and reliable of all these mobile tracking apps and software? Furthermore, you have to ask yourself - "Do I need all the functionalities of these windows and android spy apps?"  I’ve got good news! I have quite a list of best lowest price options as well as providers that deal with your money from your country. It's all because I want to help you choose which fits best for your need for spy app below. I have included a video so you can use it to make the best choice and come up with a good service at the cheapest price possible – one that’s truly and absolutely 100% right for your specific need and budget whether for personal or corporate reasons.

To help you completely, first, you must ask yourself, what have you got as your mobile phone? "Do you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian or a Windows OS (operating system) mobile?" Note that some apps do not apply to one or two and what’s bad is if you get the software that is not compatible to your phone. So be sure on this one before getting any subscription. It’s practically useless so be sure to ask or search online regarding compatibility issues. Read reviews because it definitely helps and this is exactly the purpose of this page – to help you choose the best option. See my list of reviews below.

Spy on your kids, corporate employees or a cheating partner boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife with spying apps.

This top app for android and windows smartphone is used for surveillance. Click image to find out how!

Different Mobile Spy Apps Review and Download Link

mSpy Review:

mSpy – This cell phone spying and mobile tracking software offers “advanced surveillance and tracking technology for mobile devices Monitor text messages, phone calls and GPS location. It is your personal digital private investigator, giving you anytime, anywhere access to data collected from the smartphone or mobile device of your choice.” Watch the video below.

Now available with a special extra feature – the call recording, Skype and WhatsApp, you can sell any of these amazing products via the affiliate partner’s page if you like as they offer the biggest commission which gets bigger because they offer one of the most expensive product packages today with respect to spy mobile apps. You can also enjoy full features that other providers have plus they have the most number on their list compared to Mobistealth and Mobile Spy.

Live demo and full product features? Click the image below!  Or continue reading HERE.

Mobile Spy Review:

Mobile Spy - The android mobile spy apps is the first ever commercial spyware for iPhones, it is developed, improved and given specially designed stealth features by Retina X Studios for state-of-the-art mobile phone surveillance system. Records text messages along with sender/receivers details, call details with time, websites visited, social media conversations, GPS locations, Emails, photos and videos captured, full contact list, tasks and memos, calendar events, control the target phone in real time using remote commands, lock or unlock the phone remotely and more.

On the product image below of this android mobile spy apps is where you can find the complete list of features included for your buy. Cutting it short with usability, Mobile Spy is completely undetectable by the mobile user under stealth mode. This spyware doesn’t leave a trail of its installation. It cannot even be traced while it secretly records all sorts of data and discretely transfers them to the account manager/user “in real time”. Can you just imagine a 24/7 monitoring system that the party under surveillance won’t know about at all?

Live demo and full product features? Click the image below!  Or continue reading HERE.

Other List of Products by Mobile Spy (Retina X Studios)

Acespy and Sniperspy - specifically designed for home and office monitoring system (available for Windows and Mac).

Net Spy Pro – can be used for corporate network monitoring system from anywhere (available for Windows and Mac).

Peektab – for monitoring your iPad and Android OS based tablets (available for iPad, Android, Blackberry and Playbook).

Stealth Genie Review:

stealth Genie – With a new release feature, the WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail, this magical mobile spy application product claims to be “the World’s Most Powerful Mobile Phone Spy Software” according to the company distributor. With a slightly cheaper monthly subscription package set at $16 for their premium or platinum account it sure is worth your try if you want a slightly low-priced service. Watch the video below.

Live demo and full product features? Click the image below!  Or continue reading HERE.

Spy Bubble Review:

SpyBubble – “Truth exposed!” Their android mobile spy apps software system uniquely allows you to log in from any computer in the world so you can take a peek at what’s up with any smart phone like the BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and more for as long as they have the Android or Symbian OS. You can do your spying and surveillance on real time. It uses a username and password with which only you can access in this case unless you allow other users to log in using your details.

Live demo and full product features? Click the image below!  Or continue reading HERE.

MobiStealth Review:

Mobistealth – Available for Blackberry, Samsung (Galaxy S3, S2, S, Tab, Nexus, Note etc), Android, iPhone, Reverse Phone Lookup, Computer, HTC, Nokia and Symbian, Windows Mobile and Keylogger, this android mobile spy apps software only involves 3 simple-step set-up when you buy. With just a few more dollars for a 3-month subscription compared to Mobile Spy price, this spy app offers a more comprehensive list of features when used.

Specially designed for use such as call recording, web history, spy call, surround recording, call details, picture logging, video logging, text message logging, contact details, phone wipe, location reporting and SIM change notification, this product is just perfect for your both business or personal. They offer 1 month subscription for your iPhone, comparable to other offers for only $7.00/month.

To view live demo or see other features, click the product image below!  Or continue reading HERE.

FlexiSpy Review:

FlexiSpy – “Revealing secrets since 2005” – this is their popular tagline as their android mobile spy apps software is basically being promoted for use in catching thousands of cheating partners anywhere in the world they may be. The distributors offer for each subscription, the ability to, watch them, track them and catch them with live chat support and learning central for knowing how this cell phone spy software works and can work for you. Packed with a 10-day money back guarantee, they are surely the only ones to give assurance of such to their product. They also have one of the coziest packages in the android and windows mobile phone subscription pricing but have the lowest percentage offer on their affiliate sellers.

To view live demo or see other features, click the product image below!  Or continue reading HERE.

Spy Phone Tap Review:

Spy Phone Tap – This android mobile spy apps product is a cell phone tapping software program which transforms your gadget into a high-end undetectable surveillance device. You can get access to anybody’s mobile phone from anywhere in the world for only a cheap price of $149 for a Nokia unit for their basic package. Other prices may vary depending upon the type of package you buy. See their list of compatible phones by visiting their website at

Highster Mobile – This is the only spy mobile phone application that offers no monthly fees and no hidden charges as they claim. You only pay $69.99 for the use of their full 9 powerful and practically usable features. On the other hand, if you are an affiliate seller, you get to join and sell this product through bluesnap, formerly plimus.

SpectorSoft – May be used both for work and home, you can literally record and review any activity on computers, tablets and mobile phones. This is surely a spy mobile phone application at its best. Their solutions and packages for subscription offer you a lineup of workable pricing both for work and office systems. For other android mobile spy apps reviews, you can use Google search or hover along our sidebar categories.

You can read about a top spying application for your mobile phone here -

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