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They came to be known as Goldstar. Now, we bring you LG faceplates choices. A list of choices with picture of your cool, cute, unique and latest designs for that wireless mobile phone gadget.

Just note that faceplates are different from cases. You can opt in to change the face or cover of your cellular phone without taking out the back cover.

Faceplates may also be called a skin because you get to replace with the latest design, your front panel cover only just like the wallpaper design of your screen.

Anyway, we just want to tip you off to be 100% sure to buy authentic and original parts LG phone accessories only to avoid wasting your money. There were reports and cases in Asia where you can't fit your bought faceplate with your gadget. This happens especially if you didn't get the original version and opted in for a replacement part. See a divided larger picture of all the LG faceplates we have available in our store below. (photo credits to www.cellularfactory.com).

Just click on any picture of your choice of faceplate below and it will take you to the buying store where you can see the complete details for your shopping order from price (for comparison), specifications and type of material from which the phone accessory was made of. Common materials used are fiber and synthetic hard plastic. Oh! and be sure to go check our list of screen protectors too. They will definitely come in handy upon replacement of your LG cell phone cover.

LG Faceplate Set 1:

  • LG 800
  • LG Optimus S
  • LG Lucid
  • LG Esteem
  • LG Thrill 4G
  • LG Optimus V

LG Faceplate Set 2:

  • LG Cosmos
  • LG Cosmos 2
  • LG Marquee
  • LG ENV3
  • LG Optimus T
  • LG Octane

LG Faceplate Set 3:

  • LG Optimus Black
  • LG Rumor Touch
  • LG Optimus Elite
  • LG Ally
  • LG Extravert
  • LG Enlighten
  • LG Optimus 2x G2x
  • LG Rumor LX260
  • LG Viper 4G LTE

Choose from our list above and if you need other model series faceplate for your LG phone, please inform us if you can't find them here in our directory store. We would gladly help you find them for you so next time you come over, we already have something to offer for your online shopping for LG faceplates.

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