Kakao Talk - Free Unlimited Call Txt and Chat App

Korean android applications developers did it.

Kakao Talk is the newest. With this new cellphone app, you can now enjoy unlimited free call, chat and txt messaging anytime and anywhere you may be in the world.

You can even make group calls to as much people as you like on your list of friends list.

The downloadable software for mobile devices can also be had at the official Google Play center. Just go here. In the Philippines, Sarah Geronimo is the advertisement model together with G Dragon and the rest of Big Bang.

This new app lets the user enjoy free chat to anyone too and with the use live emoticons and is currently available for multi platforms of your smartphone being enjoyed all over the world by more than 90 million growing users.

There are also games and other features included in the download. You can also make group call and chat. Send out millions of txt and sms messages to anyone for free.

Kakao Talk App Features

Features: (source: http://play.google.com/store)

• Supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows OS, Bada

• Send FREE messages & enjoy unlimited calls (HD)
• Make high-quality group voice calls
• Create your own group chat (unlimited # of friends)
• Schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings (w/ reminders)
• Get creative using animated emoticons & custom themes
• Have fun during calls with Talking Tom & Ben’s voice filters
• Share multimedia content: videos, photos, voice notes, etc.
• Make friends with top celebrities (K-Pop & local)
• Add to the fun with mobile games

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30 Common Download Errors Troubles and Problems

There so many common troubles in using the Kakao Talk free call and txt mobile app. I have enumerated some of them below just for the purpose of information and so others may know FAQs and common troubleshooting guides and how to correct errors from downloading to using the application. You can contact support hotline for Kakao Talk in their official website listed above.

  1. Error sending pictures to friend or group chat.
  2. Error when changing profile picture while logged in
  3. Cannot connect to server
  4. Bugs present
  5. Dark shading in the text / message box
  6. 3G network errors for iPhone users
  7. Reset issue on iOs users
  8. Failed to log in error (forgot password)
  9. Thumbnail image display error
  10. Social networking site errors like Facebook and Twitter
  11. Cannot send location message when trying to inform group where you are
  12. Auto scroll to new message not working
  13. Kakao Talk shutting down when going back to chat room
  14. Phone validation error "failed to verify your telephone"
  15. Application failed to initialize error
  16. 404 http error when you view repository on github
  17. Language setting error (ex. displaying Korean to other language setting)
  18. How to get verification number
  19. Error entering chat rooms with animated emoticons
  20. Two identical chat room bug fix
  21. Download link is broken
  22. Sending error report to Kakao
  23. App crash error from friends list
  24. Error verifying credentials or retrieving timeline in Twitter
  25. Friend's name not matching with designated contact information
  26. Hanging phone problems
  27. Plus Friend feature use problem
  28. Lost / forgot password
  29. Don't want Kakao ID to appear in search
  30. Playing Kakao games error. Won't load. Server busy

    Android Phone Requirements:

    Must be installed in Android 3.5.1 or above, iPhone 3.2.0 or above and newer versions. Same thing with Blackberry.

Solutions and Remedies to Common Download Errors and Problems

Some problems just need basic and simple troubleshooting solutions. This includes if you are having trouble using actually using your Kakao Talk features. I would like to enumerate generic troubleshooting guides so even common non-techie android phone users can find it simple and easy to follow. (full photo credits below from www.spectracoretech.com)

Please note that most common problems are due to unwarranted use and download in later and out uncovered iOs verions and android phone versions. It is highly suggested to check with your phone before downloading the application.

  1. Please reset your phone - power off first, then remove batter cover, take out the battery and then re-insert it. Power on the mobile phone and try to restart the application.
  2. Try to see if you have internet working for your phone. Kakao Talk works only if you have an internet detected by your android phone.
  3. Make sure to verify your download and your mobile phone by sending the verification code.
  4. Make sure you have a stable source of internet connection.
  5. Try to lessen your bandwidth by limiting group chat.
  6. Make sure that your android phone is at the required version - android 2.1 and newer only.
  7. Check your phone OS version if compatible.
  8. Make sure to have downloaded only the latest version of Kakao Talk and only from the official website.
  9. Make sure phone alert is on to know if you are receiving any messages or calls outside of your current chat or group call.
  10. TCP port might be firewalled - check with admin if it is enabled.
  11. If iPhone or iPod is on unlocked or jailbreak state, try to press pushfix.
  12. Make sure if you use PlusFriend feature that your gadget uses -
    iOS: KakaoTalk version 2.8.6 and higher Android: KakaoTalk version 2.6.2 and higher.
  13. If you forgot your password, just delete Kakao Talk app and re-install it again. You will be sent another set of password but this time, make sure to save it in a notebook or your calendar.
  14. Disable search on your profile if you don't want your Kakao ID to appear in search.
  15. Send error to Kakao.

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