Google Apps Script for Developers Using Cloud Platform

So what is Google apps script? If you didn't know, as an app developer, there is a corresponding place where you can develop and come up with a script for different web applications in javascript format for use / integration with different products of the most used and popular search engine. (photo credits to

You can use this JavaScript cloud scripting language anytime you want. What's best is that in this place in cloud web, you can automate tasks, publishing and overall development with feature-rich APIs. You can even share your app and project in Google Drive or publish it at the Chrome Web Store.

Inside the platform is where you can find templates, layouts and a custom html service where you can code and edit your script and connect to external databases and save your work using Google Spreadsheets. That includes android phone apps. Google provides just that platform in a cloud environment.

You can understand more about this special developers corner for android apps and other web applications by watching the special video from Google Developers corner below.

You can definitely find more useful videos at the Google Developers center in Youtube.Com. Watch tutorials and listen to tips on how to go over with your next project easily and finish developing your first script for a web application and android phone apps in no time.

This is a call to all applications developers in the world that there is a center for developing the right app for use whether business, usability or simply to get cash and money back guarantee in return.

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