How to Get Phone IMEI Number - Where to See IMEI in your Mobile Phone

Beside is the actual picture of where you can see or get phone IMEI number.

Having problems with it? Ask nearest cell phone repair shop/service provider or perform guide listed below.

How do you really check or obtain your mobile phone's IMEI Number Correctly? In a few simple steps outlined below, I will explain how you can do it.


"DO NOT" take the IMEI number from the box or the sticker behind the back of the battery. It will come in handy for the user of the cell phone in time, therefore it should be regarded as very important.

How to obtain IMEI number for most mobile phone model/series?

  1. Turn ON the phone with an Authorized Sim Card (from service provider only that comes with the original phone when you bought it as brand new gadget)
  2. Type *#06# - This will have your phone's IMEI appear.

  1. How to obtain IMEI number for Sprint and Verizon Blackberry?

    Select Menu>Options>Status and/or Menu>Options>Device>Status Information (depending on your call of judgement/phone)
  2. How to obtain IMEI for Verizon HTC (Including all CDMA/GSM dual HTC phone)?

       a. Start>Settings>Phone> Networks
       b. Change from Global to GSM only
       c. Go back to the home screen
       d. Type *#06# and Call key

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