Free Unlock Code Samsung Guide for Mobile Phone Jailbreak

I have previously featured free unlock code Samsung implementation guide. In that guide, a full and complete step by step procedure on how to use it correctly was also featured. Since the Samsung Galaxie is one of the popular android cell phone of latest model release in 2013, I would like to put special mention of this particular series of cell phone in this guide.For other new year model android phone, please refer to our list of instructions on other pages.

Just imagine that even if you have a Verizon provider phone, it comes in with a locked bootloader and you won't be able to maximize all utilities inside that's supposed to be a user's choice.

With this on hand, many buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S series would opt in to professionals who choose to buy unlock codes although this year, 2013, many of these stores no longer offer selling for the latest models of many android phones.

This is because of the DMCI chuvaness (issues). Because of this, jailbreaking has almost died down.

On the other hand, if you still want to open up to possibilities by using our free unlock code Samsung guide in jailbreaking your android phone, then so be it.

Free Unlock Code Samsung Procedures to Follow

I will list them below just for information purposes so don't blame me if anything goes wrong with your trials to jailbreak the system of your Samsung phone or any other mobile gadget you have.

Trial to decode and decipher unsolved problems might cause heavy damage or total malfunction of your cellphone. Warning!

Warning! "Do This At Your Own Risk"

Step by Step Procedures in Using an Unlock Code in your Samsung Mobile

1. Be sure to back up all your data. Somewhere along the process, you might lose some important data so make sure you have a back up just in case.

2. Charge your mobile phone battery to full load to avoid any interference of the process.

3. Download the Unlocking App bootloader here. It is no longer available at the Google Play for Android Apps Store online.

4. Special note: never use this app other than the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 i535.

5. Disable your mobile anti virus.

6. Change cell phone device setting by going to "Settings" >--> "Security" >--> click the "Unknown sources" option.

7. Before anything else from this point, make sure that the device must be rooted in order to use bootloader app effectively.

8. Install and launch the Unlock Bootloader app in your device.

9. Click "Unlock" option when prompted.

10. As soon as you see the unlocked notification with "green color", it means that the unlocking process is finally done. At this point you can now try your phone.

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