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Get your perfect free smartphone apps. Whatever mobile phone (samsung, apple iPhone smartphone) you have (Windows / Android / iOS) we have it for you. Want to put Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networking sites and popular online games on your list?

You have 2 choices. You can either take a look and see what's in store for you if you search online or you can download it from us here at Android Phone Apps Review but before you do that, let me give you an overview using our own list of cool and exciting applications for your iPhone (see list below) and iPad free apps including the amazing smartphone mobile spy app, gps tracking app (map apps) and other phone apps review.

4 Best Free Smartphone Apps for Windows and Android Mobile Phone

Downloadable Free Smartphone Applications

As a reminder, don't forget to check on your android iOs version before downloading any application. Failing to do so might result in bigger problems that you never though would be due to negligence to put on top of all, a consideration of function and feature requirement for applications to run on your smart phone.

Many developers have opted to have their apps under the latest android phone version. You can check with the manufacturer or supplier of your gadget or see it in your mobile manual. Otherwise, read the reviews and version requirements of the application you want to download and use for your cell phone before any move to get them.

Even if you download it from the official Google Play Store, failing to read phone requirements will result to a possible devastating yet simple rules problem.

"Read Smartphone Mobile Spy Features"

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Spy on your kids, corporate employees or a cheating partner boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife).

This top app for android and windows smartphone is used for surveillance. Click image to find out how!

Download Free Mobile Spy Apps

free android mobile spy aps

Please note that FREE versions of the android mobile spy app had very limited usability features and yet fun and cool to use for your cell phone.

If you are a business person, I strongly suggest you to check our top free apps in 2014. The Swiftkey 4 is a great way to start your new year kick off with the functionality of touch screen ultra fast keyboard typing for android smartphone mobile devices.

Above is our free and paid mobile spy apps that you can use for spying on cheating partner, boyfriend or spouse as well as to see what your kids are after on the internet.

Our List of Top 5 Free iPhone Game Apps in 2014

Do check out our list of the top 5 most downloaded iPhone game apps for this year 2014 below. You can get the game for free by clicking on the green icon that says download with the arrow. Sources of the .exe file are direct from iTunes Apple Apps Store so you don't have to worry about security and virus getting your phone infected thru downloading. PC Mag has a list of their own top 100 apps here.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Released 02-11-2014 / Created by Massimo Guareschi / Available in multiple languages. Tap your iPhone screen to advance in level. Find treasures and beat the highest score.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 2-10-2014 / Created by Eduardas Klenauskis / Multiple languages / Avoid obstacles and fly the longest distance to get high score.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 2-11-2014 / Created by Markku Virtanen / iOs 5.0 above / Multiple languages / Avoid obstacles and find seeds to feed in the city.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 1-22-2014 / Created by Turbo Chili PTY Ltd / iOs 4.3 above / English language / Guide white ball to reach red goal using finger to move slots to unblock puzzle route.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 2-19-2014 / Created by TapTomic / iOs 4.3 above / English language / With just 3 lives, let the bird fly while avoiding obstacles.

Dora games for iOS gadgets, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile phones.

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