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When we talk of free java apps, we usually refer to games and playing them using your android mobile phone, iPhone or iPad. Little did we know that for many other purposes, an application using java program may be used in different ways and means.

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The thing is we can't neglect the growing patrons of mobile games. The same reason why people all over the world go crazy playing all sorts of addicting java games apart from knowing that nothing escapes java per se. The mobile computing world revolves around it if not for it.

My niece for one loves to play Barbie and Dora games for girls using her iPad so I had to install java applications for gaming purposes alone. The resource link above is where you can find and download a free java application. Otherwise, you can try softonic, one of the top pirate resource for open source programs and software downloads online - that includes those used for gaming that needs free java apps based applications.

Categories for Java Apps Downloads

Each application in the appworld whether you have a Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Apple gadget or anything android and mobile have a category. Same basic principles apply when you get to choose which paid or free java programs to download for your stuff. Programs and software are meant to be categorized and at, they employ the same.

Below are some of the interesting java application categories you can choose from. We will populate these categories so you can directly choose which app best fit you, your daily mobile needs and your gadget.

  • Office Based
  • Business
  • Games
  • Text Editors
  • Education
  • Multimedia
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Science
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • Accessibility

Uses of Java Applications

I say name it and you have it. There is unlimited number of uses for java language for applications in our daily computing and mobile life. The platform simply rocks our world and we owe it to Sun Microsystems way back in 1995 when they first introduced the language for programming. Since then, it has become the communication medium for countless programs made in the entire computing industry whether online or offline.

I myself can't imagine how big the coverage is until now and I can't believe that with such language, the soul of all latest like the android mobile exists today. You can read more about its uses and why the world of programming industry needs it today here - Should you need java in building your consumer or embedded device, you will have to go through with Oracle.

  1. Creating Programs
  2. Creating Applications
  3. Language Platform
  4. Run Applications
  5. Run Websites
  6. For Cell Phones
  7. For Computers
  8. For Game Consoles
  9. Working with Web Browsers

Many other countless uses of java have been documented while many more are still hard to understand and accept although we all feel it and experience it, we also know it exists in all our daily world, there is no explanation enough to describe how vast its use is until today.

3 Latest, Top and Most Downloaded at Java Apps.Org

  1. Youtube Downloader 1.1 - This freeware allows you to download any video online to your computer and have a copy of it for different purposes and uses. Helps you separate audio from video. Download it free here.
  2. Watch Live Mob TV - One of the most abused and used free java apps, this allows you to watch live television streaming anywhere in the world using your android mobile gadget. Download it here.
  3. Real Media Converter - Real Media Converter is a multi threaded gui that takes advantage from the mencoder and lame packages to convert and generate wav and mp3 formats from real media files (ra, rm, and ram). Download the package here.

For your iPad and iPhone mobile, please visit our post on the Apple iPad apps store or see our list of free apps for android phone.

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