Flappy Bird Cheats Hacks and Free Play App Download

You don't really need to download flappy bird to be able to play the game for free. Even if the original copyright owner and creator of the popular java application has already announced and taken down the official download site, many other versions have popped out offering free download of the PC and mobile game application. This happened because of the action of the true maker from Vietnam, Nguyen Ha Dong to take down the official website where you can get a copy of the game installer through Google Play store for android apps.

For those of you who wants to play flappy bird online using your own PC, you can just visit this website - http://flappybird.io/. It has the best version available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, windows phone, kindle fire and yes, even your personal computer at home. All you need is an internet to access the site and you're good to go. No ads nor useless interactions, just plain old play and enjoy. Other versions of the java game doesn't offer good graphics and flexibility with using your mouse to make the bird fly off to pass the long tubes resembling that of the popular and top 80's game - Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.

There is another version of the game which you can play for free but I don't like the graphics of the version. You can play and visit here. In the Philippines, alone, offices and workers in different companies even compete for the highest score of the day just for fun after having lunch at the office.

Many were saddened by the sudden loss of the game availability while there are apps developers and hackers offering cheats and hacks for unlimited life, invincibility and tricks. You can even watch a guide video on how to do this as well as visit an unofficial Facebook page dedicated to offering a guide on how to use and administer the cheat / hack on your android phone and iOS device. I was one of those who are watching out if there will be a flappy bird 2 available soon when the game was taken out.

Flappy Bird Cheat Guide

The trick is easy and as you will see based from the Youtube video featured below. Warning though that you might experience temporary glitch while playing from time to time. As shown, all you have to do is to tap the screen of your mobile gadget or your mouse left click button if you are playing using your home computer and the points just goes on and on and accumulates your a level each time. You won't even need to come up with a strategy to get high score.

Upon administration and use of the hack, you will see that the barriers will disappear and all there is will be flappy bird so all you have to do is to maintain your position above by tapping to make the bird flip and flap its wings. As you may very well know, if you stop tapping to make the bird fly, it will eventually fall and it is the only time you experience a game over and the final total points will be displayed as per how many tubes you were able to pass through without falling or touching it.

You have 2 choices which you can use and that is for android and apple device and it's all easy if you know how to play it. You won't even need to know what to do in each level. Just stay put and use the hints.

Watch the video and learn how to use the cheat codes and get highest score and create a world record without the need for jailbreak.

Simple Instructions on How to Hack Flappy Bird:

  1. Download and Install - click here for apple / click here for android
  2. Open Game using your gadget
  3. Activate the installation cheat

Alternately, you can try to read flappy bird threads from forums including in tiger droppings where I've read some of the most interesting news updates on the game. Addict facebook users also try to create unique wall papers and memes in tribute of the game while most would take picture and post in their timeline different high score achievements.

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