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Top 5 Games Apps Review for 2014

Smartphone Apps Review

Below is our own version of the top 5 games apps review for this year's most downloaded by the opening of the year, January 2014. This list may change every now and then depending upon the latest, what's in and what not in terms of mobile gaming downloads.

It just so happened that when the maker of Flappy Bird, the upcoming most popular game in the android and iOS mobile industry by Dong Nguyen took out the official site download link, everybody in the apps developer arena made their own version of the fancy favorite game which opted to have all sorts of versions available for free download at the official Google Play Store market as well as the Blackberry Appworld and iTunes Apple App Store. Enjoy and download your preference below.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Released 02-11-2014 / Created by Massimo Guareschi / Available in multiple languages. Tap your iPhone screen to advance in level. Find treasures and beat the highest score.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 2-10-2014 / Created by Eduardas Klenauskis / Multiple languages / Avoid obstacles and fly the longest distance to get high score.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 2-11-2014 / Created by Markku Virtanen / iOs 5.0 above / Multiple languages / Avoid obstacles and find seeds to feed in the city.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 1-22-2014 / Created by Turbo Chili PTY Ltd / iOs 4.3 above / English language / Guide white ball to reach red goal using finger to move slots to unblock puzzle route.

Designed for iPhone / Ipad / Updated 2-19-2014 / Created by TapTomic / iOs 4.3 above / English language / With just 3 lives, let the bird fly while avoiding obstacles.

Dora games for iOS gadgets, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile phones.

Top Applications Review Lookback

We have already featured the latest top iPhone apps in 2014 but before you look back by looking at our own list below, you might want to read first this great post by techradar - He's definitely the man when it comes to trying to read useful and helpful review of the different latest apps in the tech and mobile world today apart from Gizmodo and other personal favorites.

We also recommend reading posts at About.Com. PC Mag, Mashable, The Guardian, Mark Mayne from T3, Paul Sawers, especially CNet posts and the rest of the android mobile and iOS gadget industry reviewers and bloggers out there. If you are an app developer, do check out our post on Google Apps Script.

These sites we've posted above are the same set of people behind quality cell phone applications reviews that will definitely help you if you are on the lookout to find the perfect app to download whether its free or paid versions. They also give tips on development environment.

Otherwise, you might want to check the Google Apps Marketplace to take advantage of their free cloud development environment and upload in one. Developers have been heading it there to make, upload, sell and make their free applications for android available for download to take advantage by the millions of android phone users from all walks of life around the world.

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