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Endless possibilities and soon to reach millions in phone apps for iPhone by a number of cell phones. Your 3G mobile phone will be a household gadget and that is why we are here to give you reasons to get an iPhone package. We know it all started with the iPhone and now, just a couple of months ago, the release of iPhone 5 as Steve Jobs leaves us a legacy with limitless boundaries. All the while, Samsung is fast being left with their apps development but is slowly catching up with the trend in smartphone technology for android iOS.

Do note that apart from the already present built-in aps inside your iPhone gadget, you have hundreds of thousands more waiting at the Apple app store in iTunes. Go check it there to see what else you can add up to your existing collection inside your mobile phone. See what ideas we have might help you decide which one to download for free at the App Store or buy from third party  apps for iPhone vendors online.

11 Top Categories on Apps for iPhone Search and Download

Just imagine what you can find at the app world of Apple applications store online - hundreds of thousands of applications ready and waiting for you. Me, I found one just perfect which I now use with ease - controlling my PC iTunes library with the remote control apps which you can download for free at the Apps Store. Amazingly, this app turns your  iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a remote control, all with ease of use. Download and put it to life to believe it here. In the meantime, I have listed some samples of cell phone apps for all sorts of cell phone including iPhone below for your choices based by category.

  1. Leisure and Travel
  2. Games
  3. Music
  4. Business
  5. Education
  6. Home and Garden
  7. Computing
  8. Sports
  9. Social Media
  10. Communication
  11. Photo and Video

Top Downloads from Apple App Store on iTunes

Below will be our own list of the latest and updated download versions of top apps for iPhone gadget that you have. Please check with iTunes for any newer versions but be sure you are not looking for the flappy bird because they don't have one anymore. The full copyright owner, Dong Nguyen has already taken down the download link where you can get the free download and play the game for free using your mobile phone. For some reason, he already took it out with him although it is reported that he's been earning quite a big amount from the game app.

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