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At the Apple online site is where Apple iPad apps store can be found. Loads of applications to download and buy for your gadget and android mobile phone. We have the list  top apps and the best from 2013 to 2014 below so you can choose which one will fit your taste for usability feature based on your preferences in life.

Top previews to organize this 2014 include iTunes apps and those for the digital media collections you have so you can play them all in your iPad or any Mac gadget you currently possess. Youtube app is by far one of the most popular due to people flocking in to the video website everyday to watch a favorite interesting media.

 iTunes apps is another so you can listen to your favorite artist sing that new song.Try to view the list on the charts and listen to the live stream for free. You can also compare using your download from the Apple iPad apps store in your iPhone and iPad to see which works best if you have both gadgets on hand. You can watch an interesting review of the 3 android gadgets below from a YouTube video I picked.

If you like both, then you can watch the official music video while listening. There is a free download at the official website for both Mac and PC too. For the techie you, recently, it was announced in the online jailbreak community that there are hackers who were able to find a crack to the latest iOs7 jailbreak.

In the video above is where you can have a clear overview with respect to usability issues between the 3 top iOs gadgets of 2013 and upcoming 2014 as well as the generation versions of each gadget. Take note of the specifications and price comparison so you know how much to spend for both your gadgets and your apps download. In the meantime, you can go visit our apps store or go see the iTunes top paid apps as well as the top free apps or just go choose which one to opt in for a trial version just to try it out before buying and downloading.

Top Paid and Free Apps Download at the Google Play and Apple iPad Apps Store in iTunes

Visiting the online website of Google Play android apps to find interesting new applications for use and to compare from the Apple iPad apps store, I found the list of top new apps of free and paid apps that you can find interesting to see too. I have the list below as well as their respective links where you can download a free trial or get the best free apps for your iOs gadget this 2014. This list includes use for gaming, office, and personal.

Top Free Gaming Applications

  • Escape Action - Candy Mobile
  • Angry Birds - Rovio Mobile
  • Banana Kong - FDG Entertainment
  • Mor Restaurant - Frojo Apps
  • BomberMan Classic - Best Apps LLC
  • Mike's World - Arcades Reloaded

Top Paid Gaming Applications

  • Grand Theft Auto - Rockstar Games
  • Minecraft - Mojang
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - SEGA of America
  • Construction Simulator 2014 - Astragon Software
  • Ski Safari - Cartoon Network
  • Colossatron - HalfBrick Studios
  • Duck Dynasty - A&E Television Networks Mobile
  • Plants Vs Zombies - EA Swiss Sarl
  • Candy Crush Saga - King.Com
  • Fruit Ninja (free) - Halfbrick Studios

Top Paid Business Personal and Office Applications

  • Swiftkey Keyboard - Swiftkey
  • Titanium Backup - Titanium Track
  • Office Suite Pro 7 - Mobile Systems Inc
  • MX Player Pro - J2 Interactive
  • Viber (free call and text) - Viber Media
  • Instagram - Instagram
  • Skype (free IM and video calls) - Skype
  • Facebook - Facebook
  • Kakao Talk (free call & text) - Kakao Corp.
  • Dictionary Merriam Webster - Merriam Webster Inc.
  • Business Calendar - AppGenix Software
  • Twitter - Twitter Inc.
  • WeChat - Tencent Technology
  • Antivirus Security - AVG Mobile
  • Youtube - Google Inc.
  • Free Books and Stories - Wattpad.Com

You can find more gaming applications, office, education, personal benefits, business, music and more at the official website of Apple Inc here - Apple iPad apps store.

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