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Download your cool software or make your top android apps testing by going to the android center and applying the JUnit fundamentals. The testing framework is free to use being an integral part of the development environment. (full photo credits to

It is where you can actually put to actual beta test your favorite application and see if you will find the usability feature perfect for your cell phone. What have you got? iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia? See if it fits and download now.

Android mobile phone test done in automation using T-Plan Robot on smartphone device in real time. The video on the side is an actual iPhone application testing using Java tool and VNC server.

You can opt in to use this tool or download free app straight to test it. Setting up project inside the framework is also a doable feat for the developer.

On the other hand, to actually test capabilities, features and usability of any android app (free or paid), all providers including Google Play App Store, Apple App Store and App World for Blackberry provides free download and beta android apps testing. Be sure to maximize these benefits to enjoy your subscription just before you buy or download your free smartphone apps. See our own list of free, popular and top subscriptions below. We definitely have one for you whether it's for games, business, education, music, photo and video and more.

You can view and learn about android testing fundamentals here - Or you can read from that resource the exact testing framework and get to understand an aspect of the development environment. If you want to test drive any app, we've got samples of top and popular applications below. You might want to use them in your cell phone to see and test for yourself how it works and its functionalities before you buy or download it for use.

Remember that to actually use any application, you have to be sure about its functionalities, user friendly features and utlility is of optimum rating review for android apps testing,

Automation and Debugging of Android Apps Testing

For those who want extra convenience in developing the right application for android phone apps, here is a video on how to automate your apps testing using the facility. Please watch below.

I have also attached a video that you can use for debugging mode below. May this serve as a guide for applications developers out there so they can proceed with the project inside the API testing center with ease.

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Here at Android Phone Apps Review, we encourage everybody to participate so just for us to be able to provide a real time human interaction and at the same time give all our readers and visitors the feel that they are cared for.

If you have a special request that you want us to feature here as part of the apps testing for your android phone or windows phone, please use the form below and fill it up with the needed information. We'd be glad to take it into consideration and promise to have it featured as soon as we have the time to make the review and test your application download request.

If you can't find any download of a specific usability feature android app, please also use the form to request information. Thank you and have fun testing your favorite android app.

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