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AndroidPhoneAppsReview.Com is a concept site made because of the need to put up an information center where people can read, relate, share, compare prices, be helped and be informed to decide what cool stuff and latest wireless mobile phone technology/software today can be used, bought or downloaded online for free. My name is TJ Casuncad and I'm glad you came to my site. The photo beside is me.

The Story Behind

I personally made this site because I too, as a college student in my country today, 2013 is very fond of downloading mobile applications for my Android phone for ease of use and testing. In fact, I seem to have tried and tested almost all sorts of em from music, video, java games, education-related apps and yes, even the weather. If you really want to know more about us, here's my personal favorite which I tried for 1 month subscription is the Mobile Spy which I found out had many other versions from other apps providers.

It's an android mobile app that tracks all sorts of movements of another cell phone and its user from a remote area. I just tried it for an actual experience anyway. Other available spy software however are MobiStealth, mSpy, Spy Bubble, FlexiSpy, Spy Phone Tap and more. If you want to read my specific reviews on each of these so you can use it to put your partner, your kids or their cell phone under stealth surveillance, just hover along my site's sidebar.

On the other hand, just to let you know about how I came to this site's concept, let me tell you a brief story... It all started when I needed to make a call abroad to an aunt who is in Japan and I had to scour the internet to find the best application to use to get the free call service. It turned out that there really is one and it's no hoax that you can use your mobile phone to make a call for free.

I found Viber and so I am currently using it today with ease. Immediately that moment, I thought why not share this techie side of me to the whole world? Why not? After all, not everybody can find what they want and be able to use it without fear of getting charged of extra $$$ for it. To read my review on how to make a free call abroad using this android mobile app, please read my reviews in the sidebar. I'm pretty sure you'll find other stuff that might also interest you. After all, you won't need to spend a dime on reading them.

For price comparison of all sorts, please enjoy browsing through my website's pages in the sidebar navigation. This way, you will learn more about us and what information we share to our readers and don't forget to share whatever useful stuff you've got in your head for others to benefit from by visiting my Share Your Mobile Experience page and writing it there. You will make a lot of people if you do that. Get to meet other techie teens like me (as my father said) and share alike our information to help others using your Facebook profile commenting powers when you're logged in to your account. See you there!

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